Top TV Song Last Week: Are You With Me by nilu

A new track by nilu featured on Grey’s Anatomy took the lead on our Top TV Songs chart last week, ending a two-week run for Graham Coxon’s “Walking All Day.”


Are You With Me

by Nilu

from Season 14 · Episode 10 · Personal Jesus

Bailey and Ben talk with Tucker; Jo and Jenny talk…


Playing during the always emotional final montage, this track begins during a sobering scene as Bailey and Ben talk with Tuck about how to behave with police, and then as Jo and Jenny reflect on Paul’s terrible life and how at least in his death he can do something good, by donating his organs. Finally, it follows April as she spirals through a difficult end to her day.

Grey’s fans may recall nilu as one of the artists to put their own spin on The Fray’s “How To Save A Life” a few seasons back. The version by nilu appeared in the finale of season 11.


How to Save a Life

by Nilu

from Season 11 · Episode 24 · You're My Home

Jo asks Alex to sell the house to Meredith and mov…



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