Top TV Song Last Week: Just a Little by Bantu feat. Shungudzo

New Netflix hit show On My Block delivers our top TV song last week, with an infectious Afrobeat club bop from Bantu, featuring Shungudzo:


Just a Little (feat. Shungudzo)

by Bantu

from Season 1 · Episode 3 · Chapter Three

Opening montage; Jamal and Ruby are riding their b…


A Zimbabwean producer based in Los Angeles, Bantu fuses club sounds with African rhythms in a style he describes as tribal African pop.  ‘Just A Little’ is one of several collaborations with Shungudzo, an artist and songwriter who grew up in Zimbabwe and the US who co-wrote Little Mix’s  “Touch (feat. Kid Ink)” and the Chainsmokers’ “It Won’t Kill Ya (feat. Louane),” among others.

“We were actually trying to incorporate ‘Juice’ by Bantu and Shungudzo into On My Block when our good friends at Prescription Songs pitched us an unreleased Bantu track called ‘Just a Little,’ recalls music supervisor Ben Hochstein. “The unique opening riff immediately grabbed us and the chorus was just too catchy not to find a home in the show. The beginning of episode 3 with Cesar and Monse’s secret romance turned out to be the ideal spot. We thought the innocent and playful vibe of the song perfectly encapsulates the excitement of keeping a budding romance hidden from those around you.”

“Fans of the show started taking an interest in the song and before long the response was too great to ignore,” says music supervisor Jamie Dooner. “Bantu decided to release ‘Just a Little’ because of the overwhelming fan interest. There is nothing better in our job than helping an emerging artist get noticed and turning fans onto new music. We are so happy to see everyone enjoying the show and the music so much.”

Another track from the dramatic final scenes of the season has also been in high demand on Tunefind: an original song called ‘Bottle Rocket’ by series composer Kovas, featuring Domo Genesis. Currently unreleased, we’re hoping fan demand also inspires the team to release this one soon.

In the meantime, enjoy a few of the other popular tracks from On My Block.




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The kids all come together and walk to school, sto…



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from Season 1 · Episode 2 · Chapter Two

End; Monse and Cesar.




from Season 1 · Episode 3 · Chapter Three

Cesar askes Monse to dance; Cesar, Monse and Olivi…




Listen now: Just A Little by Bantu feat. Shungudzo

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