Top Unreleased TV Syncs of 2018

Here at Tunefind we’re looking back at some of the highlights from 2018, including the top movie soundtracks, top new TV shows driving music discovery, and most popular artists on Tunefind.

Pretty much every week here at Tunefind we’ve got fans in a frenzy over an unreleased song that was just featured on a show or in a movie. We’ve reached out to lots of indie artists, sync reps, and labels over the years to help get those tracks out on major streaming and purchase platforms – and to the fans.

But there are always some that are really hard to find. Here is the list of some of the most sought-after still unreleased tracks on Tunefind in 2018.


10. Featured on The Shannara Chronicles

Justin York

Anything You Need

by Justin York

from Season 2 · Episode 7 · Warlock

Mareth and Wil talk about Amberle and Wil's chance…


9. Featured on Grey’s Anatomy

Jillian Edwards

I Won't Fall

by Jillian Edwards

from Season 14 · Episode 11 · (Don't Fear) the Reaper

(Flashback montage) Bailey's childhood; Bailey tak…


8. Featured on Shadowhunters

Caroline Pennell

Silence Says It All

by Caroline Pennell

from Season 3 · Episode 10 · Erchomai

Simon uses his vampire powers to hypnotize his mot…


7. Featured on Suits

Earl S. Clair

Can't Stop

by Earl St. Clair

from Season 8 · Episode 10 · Managing Partner

Harvey and Donna walk away; End credits.


6. Featured on Peaky Blinders

Laura Marling

Red Right Hand

by Laura Marling

from Season 4 · Episode 6 · The Company

Opening scene


5. Featured on Black Lightning

Alice Smith

All Runs Out

by Alice Smith

from Season 1 · Episode 7 · Equinox: The Book of Fate

Alice Smith sings at 555; Black Lighting attacks T…


4. Featured on Altered Carbon

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

from Season 1 · Episode 9 · Rage in Heaven

Kovacs finds Ortega's family in their apartment. C…


3. Featured on Sense8

Gabriel Mounsey


2. Featured on Dynasty

The Hot Damns

Bang Bang (feat. Daisy Dash)

by The Hot Damns

from Season 1 · Episode 17 · Enter Alexis

(Flashback) Montage as Fallon and Alexis get ready…


1. Featured on Silicon Valley

Afterjourney & Boom

The Luxury Life

by D-mob

from Season 5 · Episode 4 · Tech Evangelist

Jian-Yang has gone to China. Plays over end credit…


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